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How to Start a Restaurant Business in Malaysia

Malaysia has variety of foods for every one. Whether European or African, Arab or Iranian, Pakistani or Indian, in Malaysia you may find food of your choice every where.

Most foreigners would like to start a restaurant business in Malaysia being their first choice. It looks very lucrative simply because people generally love eating and eating… The culture same throughout the world where people just love eating! This is why the first business that comes into mind for most of foreigners in Malaysia comes to start a food and beverage business!

To start a Restaurant Business in Malaysia, consider the key points:

LocationThis is the key to the future of your business, the location must be suitable to good traffic and provide convenient parking space. Traffic by foot and by cars as well as other means is important. 

Menu – After location, the most important factor in your restaurant business may be “the menu” selection of foods and beverages. Good defined menu that able to accentuate the customers and word of mouth about the best food you have in your chosen specialty. Size of the menu is also important in consideration of your costs and the types of foods you want to serve and or mix using basic ingredients.

Hiring Staff – is a very challenging task. To find workers with dedication, principal and good ethics is a big deal. Professional staffs will play a vital role in success of your restaurant.

The easiest way to start Restaurant business is; start from food court. BSBH, Malaysia professionals are at your services to guide you further in this regard.

Food Court stall is better option for those foreigners who want to start a Small Restaurant in Malaysia and it is mush cheaper than starting a new restaurant. The foreigner who has very low budget but still wishes to start small restaurant, we always recommend him to start from  stall/kiosk in a “Food Court”. Normally all of shopping malls in Malaysia have food courts inside most of malls. It means, you will be having “ready-to-come” customers already there.

We always encourage Foreigners who visit Malaysia to taste many of famous local foods in different food courts almost in everywhere in Malaysia where you can find authentic Malaysian food, Pakistani Food, Indian Food and Thai food.

It is easy to find these foods in Kuala Lumpur at almost all food courts. These stalls serves as “specialty restaurant” where there is always a crowd willing to wait in line to savor a bowl of very tasty Malaysian noodle or rice dish or tasty and spicy Pakistani/Indian food.

Normally rents of a kiosk/food stall depends on the location of shopping mall. It may vary from RM500/per month to onward.

There are some food courts which even have NO monthly rent at all. They charge commission on every sale. Such food court is considered very good for foreigner. Please contact BSBH, Malaysia professionals for further assistance in this regard.

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