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How to invest in Property Business in Malaysia

Investment in Property Business in Malaysia has very safe return in both, short and long terms point of view. If you have extra budget of RM50,000 or above, BSBH, Malaysia professionals may assist you in suitable investment opportunities in different Property Businesses in Malaysia through its licensed affiliates. Invest as low as RM50,000 or above and start earning good returns. Later you may invest in big projects as well. BSBH, Malaysia affiliate lawyers, expert in real estate will be at your services to safeguard your investment through legal agreements.

Malaysian real estate sector is offering many new high earning projects at different locations including Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bharu (near Singapore), Perlis (near Thailand border).

Many European, Arab, Pakistani and Iranian have invested in Property business in Malaysia. This is considered safest investment with high returns. There are many opportunities to invest in property business in Malaysia. If your budget is very low but even then you wish to take part in Property business, then we’ll recommend you to start with “Renting Property” and then sublet it. This can be a very good start for foreigner. You can get a place and then may divide it and may rent it out. There are many good locations for Restaurants near beaches where you may invest in by getting such place on rent and then divide the place into corners for different businesses and may get more rent than the actual rent what you will be paying to owner.

Sublet Hotel Rooms – Same way, you can have rooms in hotels to sublet to others. We have many clients from Pakistan and Middle East who are having rooms in different hotels near tourist places and they are earning very good income on daily basis as their rooms are added in famous “Hotel Booking” networks. BSBH, Malaysia Professionals are more than happy to guide you how to add a room in big Hotel Booking websites/networks to start an immediate income.

We have a list of available properties in many resorts where you can get many rooms to start your own Hotel business under your own name on famous hotel booking websites/networks.

Home Stay Business is also a trending business in Malaysia with a low start up cost. You can have independent house near a good location where you can offer “Home Stay” to tourists by renting out separate rooms as well on daily/weekly/monthly basis same as hotel business. Hoem Stay business is an alternative for those who want to do “Hotel” business but don’t have a high budget.

We have good locations available for Home Stay business with a very low start up cost as low as RM1500/per month to onward. You can have houses on rent and then may sublet house/rooms to tourists/visitors on daily/weekly/monthly basis and may have good daily income with very low start up budget and may earn RM3000-9000 monthly easily from 5/6 rooms house.

How to Market your “Home Stay or Hotel Business”?

You don’t need to work hard to advertise your Home Stay business or Hotel Business in Malaysia. Simply add your business listing in famous booking website sites e.g: , , etc and start getting instant customers!

Home stay business in MalaysiaBuy Land in Langkawi island, Malaysia to start Home Stay Business

If you have a little bit investment of RM30,000 and above, we have golden opportunity for you to invest in a vary safe and legal way. We have few lots in famous Langkawi island, Malaysia which is the top most tourist destination in Malaysia. These lots are located just 3 minutes drive from white sandy beach “Tanjung Rhu” and “Black Sand Beach”, Langkawi.

Langkawi Bird Park and famous Kililm Geoforest Park Langkawi is just 5 minutes drive far. While Langkawi international airport is around 20 minutes drive.

We also have few lots near to Langkawi international airport. All mentioned properties are strategically best for;

Budget motel business in Malaysia

Home stay business in Malaysia

Our Lawyer may assist you to make legal agreements for you to buy the land under your/your company name to enjoy the peaceful and safe investment in Malaysia.

Further details regarding land price, exact location and size, please arrange a visit to our office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or drop us an email using Contact us Form.

Investment in Construction Projects is also good option for those who have high budget. We have many affiliates who offer investment opportunities in new/ongoing “Construction Projects”. Such projects also include new residential buildings as well, where you can book a property and then may later sale it to other. Alternatively, you may also invest in brand new projects through our own “Construction Company” which have many land owners on its list who are looking for investors to develop their lands into commercial and residential units.

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