Malaysia Company Formation for Foreigners & Work Permit

Jobs in Malaysia

If you want to get a Job in Malaysia, you have to be very careful. Never pay any charges regarding job unless you have verified the employer. Before engaging with any Employer in company Malaysia, first you need to verify whether this employer is entitled to hire Foreigner employees or not?

Not every company in Malaysia is allowed to hire Foreigners. Only such company can hire Foreigners which has the following PAID UP capital (not only the authorized capital):

  • RM250,000 if the company is owned 100% by Malaysians
  • RM350,000 if the company is owned jointly by Malaysians and Foreigners
  • RM500,000 if the company is 100% owned by Foreigner
  • RM1 million if the company is dealing in manufacturing / sales / trading /import export/restaurant

Furthermore, It is NOT very simple for any company in Malaysia to hire Foreigners. If any Malaysian company wishes to hire Foreigners, first the company needs to have proper licenses, good tax statements and MUST prove the genuine need of Foreigner. In short, to hire a Foreigner, the Malaysian company MUST undergo through a very tough process.

If you enter in Malaysia on Visit Visa to find a JOB in Malaysia

If you enter in Malaysia to find a job in Malaysia, you can NOT apply work permit for “General category” work permits (e.g; plantation, construction, waiter, mechanic etc..). For General category work permits, the applicant MUST be out of Malaysia. This is a very “strict rule”. So don’t be trapped by any “Flying Agent” who may promise you to get “General category” work permit for you even while you are already in Malaysia…he may cheat you. “Flying Agent” can do nothing while you are already in Malaysia.

ONLY DP10 visa category you can apply while you are already in Malaysia

While you are already in Malaysia, you can apply only DP10 visa category which is a very high category of Work Permit  which is also known as “Professional Employment Pass”.

DP10 visa or Professional Pass; you can apply if you are a Director/Shareholder in a Malaysia or have a high level post in the company.

The Easiest Way to get DP10 Visa or Professional Pass Malaysia

The easiest way to get DP10 visa or Professional Pass is; register your own company in Malaysia and then apply your work permit under your own company as “Director”. This is the best and easiest way to get DP10 Visa.

Professional Employment Pass  is a high level Work Permit  for 2 years (DP10 Visa). Professional Work Permit is issued to Top Level Management ( Company Directors, Managers ) and Highly skilled professionals. It means that an expatriate from another country is a one of the company director/shareholder or Highly Skilled and is Offered a Top level position/Skilled Job in Malaysia. The skilled categories are the same as in Western Countries – IT Professionals, Marketing Director and Managers, etc.. In simple words it is an ‘Employment Pass’ issued by the Immigration Department for Employees of a Company. The initial validity of the pass is 2 years but it can be extended for 10 years.

Benefits of Professional Pass or DP10 Visa Malaysia

DP10 visa Malaysia or Professional Pass holders are allowed to bring their immediate family members (husband/wife, 21 years aged children and parents) on “Dependent Pass”. Dependents are also allowed to do job in Malaysia after getting an endorsement form Immigration Department for “permitted to work” which is granted free of charge.

Many Malaysian Companies have branches in Western and Far East Countries, therefore an employee can request for a transfer to another branch in USA, UK, Canada or Australia. This widens the horizons for an individual who in the long run is planning to settle in the West and working in Malaysia for the short run.

The Cost to apply Professional Pass or DP10 visa

All you need, is to register your own “Sdn Bhd” company with minimum RM 500,000 paid up capital. Most of Foreigner clients buy “Ready Made or Shelf Companies OR they register the company with only Authorized capital.

Remember: Sole proprietor,  Ready Made or Shelf Company and a Company with only Authorized Capital is NOT entitled for “Work Permits”.

To be eligible for work permits, company’s capital should be Fully Paid up and must be stated on Section “D” of FORM 24 (minimum RM500,000 for 100% foreign owned companies). QADKAM may assist you to register a company with RM 500,000 or Higher (RM 1 million) paid up capital within 5-7 working days. Once your company is registered with RM 500,000 Cash Paid up capital, then you may apply your professional work permit.

From 15th April, 2014 Immigration Department of Malaysia has introduced ONLINE DP10 Work Permit Application System. No need to hire any “Flying Agent“. Now you can apply Malaysian Work Permit Online. Just you need to have a Company with at least RM1 million PAID UP CAPITAL (for all lawful business activities), a physical office with fixed phone line and Signboard permission (PBT). Malaysian Immigration Department always encourage Foreigner Investors who want to contribute in Malaysian economy.