Malaysia Company Formation for Foreigners & Work Permit

How to Start I.T Business in Malaysia

If you wish to start I.T Business in Malaysia, it means you are making a right decision at right place. Malaysia has established special corridor for I.T companies and offers various incentives for I.T company. A separate I.T city namely “Cyber Jaya” has been established to facilitate the I.T companies. Applying work permit is very simple for I.T companies as compare to other sectors.

To Start I.T business in Malaysia, you need to note the following key points:

  • Company Registration
  • Finding premise in I.T designated/approved building (for MSC Status application only), For Non-MSC, you can set up your I.T company office anywhere in Malaysia.
  • The process will start by subscribing on Expats Malaysia website. To subscribe, visit

Before you Subscribe on Expats website; first you need to have;

i) Company Registered in Malaysia with RM 500,000 cash paid up capital (we recommend RM 1 million paid up capital)

ii) Fully Equipped office (telephone line, internet connection etc..)

iii) Local staff (at least one receptionist and one clerk/assistant). To find local staff immediately, the best way (we recommend) to post add on by signing up a PRO account. Its free to signup but to post add you need to pay its cost (normally RM50). But this will save your time and you may get staff (specially Malay) very quickly. You can also find “Office on Rent” searching website.

iv) Apply Local Council License which is mandatory for every business in Malaysia. Whether Malaysian citizen or Malaysian local company, every business even a laundry or bank, all need to have all the time a valid business license from the local council where the business is being carried out. This is common license for everyone business in Malaysia. For example, if your office is located in Ampang Jaya, you need to have license from local council of Ampang Jaya. The local council is called “Majlis Perbandaran”.

v) Start Business Operation and start contacting local/foreign business associates/clients. If you can get any contract from any company (even from overseas), that will play a vital role in getting your work permit approved very quickly.

NOW THE TIME COMES TO SUBSCRIBE ON EXPATS WEBSITE  when you have arranged all above then simply visit Expats, Malaysia website and click on “Subscribe”. When you’ll click on Subscribe button, the pop up will ask you what type of your company is; you may choose accordingly. We recommend “Non MSC”. ( You can learn more abut MSC/NON MSC difference from Expats website.

On subscription page, you will need to provide all details regarding your;

i) Company Profile ii) Directors Details iii) Shareholders Detail iv) Contact Details and also;

You need to upload your company’s profile, latest telephone bill, tenancy agreement, local council license, passport/I.C scan copies of all Directors/Shareholders etc..

Upon Submit, it may take around 4 weeks to get response from Expats regarding approval/rejection. If your company is approved then you’ll be provided access to an online system linked with Immigration Department (through Expats website) to apply wok permit online for your own and for your Staff (Foreign Knowledge Worker).

If something was missing from your application, the Expats officer will notify you through email and you will be required to respond to the query with required document/information.

Most Important to remember, please bear in mind; after submitting Subscription Form Online, your application will be under verification process. During verification process, Expats Officer will (must) visit your office. So keep all contracts/invoices/profile documents ready to be examined by visiting officer. The most important thing which officer needs to verify could be; “you are a genuine business”! And you must have few contracts (Printed) to prove your I.T company’s genuine business activity.

At any stage of your application, please never hesitate to visit DIRECTLY Expats office in Cyber Jaya. All officers are very friendly and professional. You will be impressed by their professionalism. They will guide you for every step. So never hesitate to visit Expats (MDEC) Office if you feel any difficulty.


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