Malaysia Company Formation for Foreigners & Work Permit

How to apply Fixed Phone line in Malaysia

To apply fixed phone line in Malaysia under your company name, simply visit any nearest TM (Telekom Malaysia) office along with following documents;

  • One set of Complete Documents of your Company in Malaysia
  • Passport copies of Directors
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Your Company’s rubber stamp

You have to fill up the TM Form. You may chose any internet package which comes with WiFi device. Unifi is good product for Foreigner companies and it comes with Fixed Phone Line and Internet connection with WiFi facility.

Phone number MUST be under Company name

If you have to apply work permit, the phone line must be under your company’s name and you MUST pay your phone connection charges BEFORE submitting your work permit application through ESD website. Because, if you don’t pay the charges, although the phone number may be in your use but it may not appear in system under your company’s name unless any payment has been made. Furthermore, a latest phone bill is required to attach with Work Permit application. Once your company is registered, QADKAM staff may assist you to apply fixed phone line in a speedy way. OR you may ask the mobile number of Phone installation ┬ácontractor from TM office to request the contractor to install the phone line urgently.