Malaysia Company Formation for Foreigners & Work Permit

Important Questions & Answers regarding DP10 Visa

If you register your company in Malaysia through QADKAM Worldwide, you can apply Malaysian Work Permit as “Company Director” which is also entitled to apply “Dependent Visa” for Spouse, Children (under 18 years of age) and Parents. Below are the most common Question & Answers regarding Malaysia Work Permit for Professionals and Businessmen.

Important Questions & Answers regarding DP10 Visa or Professional Pass

Q: I am MBA with 4 years experience or I am Software engineer with 5 years of experience. Do I qualify for DP10 visa?

Answer: Remember; unlike Canada or Australia, there is NO special category of work permits only for “skilled class”. DP10 visa is not such visa which is related to your qualification or experience. You can NOT apply DP10 visa at your own. It is entirely related to your “relationship” with such Malaysian company which is allowed to hire Foreigner. You must have a genuine job offer from such Malaysian company which MUST be willing to pay RM5000 salary per month (minimum) then only you can apply DP10 visa Malaysia. Finding a such employer and job is not very simple. So, the only easiest option remains; register your own company in Malaysia through QADKAM Worldwide and then apply DP10 visa under your own company as “Company Director”.

Q: One Agent is offering me DP10 visa without Job or company registration. Can I buy DP10 from any Agent?

Answer: If you are not a genuine employee in a Malaysian company or you are not a “Director/Shareholder” in a Malaysian company, you can NOT apply DP10 Visa. Keep in your mind; every DP10 visa sticker bears the address of an employer Company in Malaysia and your designation in the company. If you buy the DP10 visa through any Agent, it means you are not a GENUINE employee in that company and that company is not giving you salary of RM5000 per month (minimum) OR you are not a “Director” in any Malaysian company which is entitled for Work Permits. If any immigration officer check your passport, and they find that you are Neither a Director/Shareholder in a Malaysian company NOR a genuine employee, they will immediately arrest you followed by the deportation back to your home country. So, be careful from such Agents who offer you DP10 visa without Job with RM5000 per month salary or without being an owner (Director/Shareholder) of a Malaysian company.

Q: I am not a GENUINE employee in any Malaysian company. But I am highly skilled and talented professional with many years of experience. Do I qualify for DP10 visa?

Answer: You DO NOT qualify for DP10 visa or Professional Pass unless your Malaysian employer company is entitled to hire Foreigners and such employer company is willing to pay you RM5000 salary per month (minimum). Without genuine employment in a Malaysian company you can NOT apply DP10 visa or Professional Pass at your own. As such there is no category independently for Foreigner skilled persons as in Canada or Australia.

Q: Can I apply DP10 visa from a ready-made company (Shelf Company)?

Answer: No, ready-made or shelf companies are NOT entitled for work permits as, such companies normally have only 2 Ringgit paid up capital.

Q: I have registered my company with Authorized Capital only which is RM 1 million. Can I apply DP10 visa or Professional Pass?

Answer: No, a company with only Authorized capital whether 1 million or 1 trillion, is not allowed to apply work permits for Foreigners. To be entitled for work permits, the company MUST have PAID UP capital (RM 1 million) for all lawful business activities.

Q: Is there any need to have Malaysian citizen in company formation?

Answer: No, now you can register your company 100% foreign owned. No need to add any Malaysian citizen as Director/Shareholder unless he/she is your GENUINE partner.

Q: My friend is a Malaysian citizen. Can he give me DP10 visa?

Answer: No individual can give you DP10 visa. For DP10 visa, there MUST be your genuine employer Malaysian company willing to pay you RM5000 salary per month OR you must be the owner (Director/Shareholder) of a such Malaysian company which has paid up capital and has all relevant licenses (according to the activity) then only you can apply DP10 visa Malaysia.

Q: Can I bring my wife, children and parents if I have DP10 visa?

Answer: Yes, once you have received your DP10 visa, your spouse, children (under 21 years of age) and parents are automatically entitled for Dependent Pass. Dependents are also allowed to do job with an endorsement of “Work Permitted” on the “Dependent Pass”. The endorsement is given FREE of cost at Immigration Office.

Q: I am married to a Malaysian citizen. Do I still need to have a company with RM1 million paid up capital to apply DP10 visa?

Answer: No, if you are married to a Malaysian citizen you don’t need to have any company. You can register a simple “Sole proprietor” business which will cost you only RM50 (Fifty Ringgit) under your Malaysian Spouse’s name and can get “Spouse Visa” followed by the PR (Permanent Residence) after 5 years.

Q: I heard, Malaysian Immigration department does not issue DP10 visa to Iranian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi nationals. Is this true?

Answer: No, Immigration Department has no such policy. To get DP10 visa, you just need to fulfil the DP10 visa requirements. We have hundreds of clients from Iran, Bangladesh and Pakistan even Nigerians who have successfully established their businesses in Malaysia with DP10 visa through QADKAM.

Q: I am from Pakistan/Bangladesh. Please tell me what are problems faced by our nationals based on your experience?

Answer: Based on our experience, Immigration Department is very friendly with every nationality regardless of race and ethnicity.  As far as Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, Indian and Iranian are concerned, as based on our experience; Pakistanis and Bangladeshi love to go to “Agents” where normally they are cheated. If they are saved from Agents, and they contact only licensed professionals, they settle in Malaysia very easily. We also have a lengthy list of successful Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Indian as well as clients from Middles East (Egypt, Syria, Bahrain), South Africa, France, Germany, U.K and Australia who have settled in Malaysia using our services through proper way. So, our special advise to Pakistanis or any subcontinental nation is; just be away from Flying Agents who may meet you in restaurants, or who may speak your own language and have no proper license/office. Remember; Only Malaysian citizen can be the “Company Secretary”. If you are dealing with any Foreigner who claims that he may register your company, it means he is an Agent.

No Foreigner can be the “Company Secretary”.   Only Malaysian citizen or PR holder who is member of any of 5 prescribed body under Section 139(A) of the Companies Act 1965.Always contact the licensed professionals ho have sound track record of successful clients. Come and see how many people from your country have been settled in Malaysia through proper way using QADKAM‘s services.

Q: We are 3 friends from Bangladesh and want to apply DP10 visa. How much you charge for DP10 visa?

Answer: We are not Agents. We are a team of Malaysian bar council member lawyers, Company Secretaries and law graduate Professional consultants. Since 15th April 2014; Immigration Department system for DP10 visa is online. No one can interfere in this system. We can assist you in the most easiest way to get DP10 visa hassle free by registering your own company in Malaysia. This is the most safest way to get the DP10 visa in Malaysia. Simply start your own business in Malaysia and get DP10 visa!

But have in mind; If you apply all 3 work permits in one shot, without starting the business, Immigration department may consider your company as “Visa Mill or “Visa Factory” type business. So, we recommend you to start the activity first and apply only one or two work permits first. But once your business is running good and you have good transactions in your business and can prove the genuine need of more work permits, then applying work permits for other Directors even for Staff has never been a problem. Immigration department always facilitates the genuine businessmen.

Q: How much money do I need to run a small restaurant business in Malaysia?

Answer: Malaysia is not the name of Kuala Lumpur only. If you go little bit far from Kuala Lumpur, you can find very cheap places on rent. Some times even half acer of land you can get in just one or two hundred Ringgit only! So, once your company is registered, make a survey and find a place on reasonable rent. For restaurant business, we know many Pakistani and Iranians are running “Food Stall” business in big malls/food courts. You can also start from a Food Stall in any big food court which may cost you not more than RM5000 to RM10000 only. But for big restaurant, you need to have budget more than RM50,000 to RM100,000. Once your company is registered, our real estate agent may assist you to find reasonable business place on rent.

Q: Can I do business in Malaysia without applying work permit?

Answer: If you have registered a company in Malaysia but don’t want to apply work permit still you can do the business but ONLY through local Malaysian staff while staying in your home country. You may come on business visit visa to attend the important meeting with your clients, business associates or staff and may look after your company’s interest from your home country through your local Malaysian staff. Your company is your’s. And for banking purpose, you may use online banking facility provided by all major banks.

Q: I want to start the process to register the company from my home country. Can you assist me in this regard?

Answer: Yes, we always recommend the Foreigners to start the process BEFORE they enter in Malaysia. If you start the process from your home country, you will have enough time to apply your DP10 visa when you will enter in Malaysia. We recommend, at least your company should be already registered when you enter in Malaysia.

Q: Can I convert my visit visa into DP10 visa?

Answer: If you entered in Malaysia on Social Visit Pass (visit visa), once your DP10 work permit has been approved, you can convert your visit visa into DP10 visa or Professional Pass by paying RM500 extra cost directly to Immigration Office.

Q: How much is DP10 Visa Fee?

Answer: Be careful from Agents. Currently, there is NO fee for DP10 visa post approval. You need to pay only, the work permit sticker fee only once your DP10 visa has been approved.

Q: If I wish to start the process from my home country. What assistance you may provide me?

Answer: If you wish to start the process from your home country, we will issue you the official Quotation for the services we offer and CIF (Client Information Form). Once you receive the Quotation and make the payment DIRECTLY to QADKAM bank account and send us the passport copies of proposed Directors/shareholders, we will immediately issue you the Receipt of payment towards your company registration. And will submit your company registration documents to Companies Commission of Malaysia on the same day after receiving the payment and passport copies of proposed Directors/Shareholders.

Q: Can you send me Invitation Letter to apply Business Visit Visa at Malaysian embassy in my country?

Answer: Yes, our company may send you business visa Invitation Letter if you wish to start business in Malaysia through QADKAM. To get Invitation Letter, you will be required to send us your passport copy along with RM1000 advance deposit towards your company incorporation charges.

Q: What payment method your company accepts? Do you accept US$ or any other major currency?

We always recommend the Foreigners to pay DIRECTLY to company’s bank account. You can pay by “Telegraphic Transfer” (T.T), Direct Bank Deposit. If required, you can pay by Western Union / Moneygram as well. You can pay cash in any currency (US$, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar) at our cash counter in our office.

Q: If I come to Malaysia on visit visa with my family. Can you help me to find a reasonable accommodation?

Answer: If you wish to start your business in Malaysia and wish to come to Malaysia along with your family on visit visa, we will be more than happy to assist you in finding reasonable accommodation in Malaysia through our real estate agent. You just need to contact us prior to your arrival in Malaysia. Simply send us your passport copy to get the quote from us. You can save a lot if you stay in your own accommodation instead of staying in any hotel.

Q: I cannot speak English. Do you have anyone who can speak any other language?

Answer: QADKAM Worldwide is 100% Malay owned business entity regulated by Companies Commission of Malaysia. We speak “Malay” language as well as English. We can arrange Hindi/Urdu/Arabic language translator if required.

Q: What is background of QADKAM Worldwide?

Answer: QADKAM Wolrdwide is a team of Malaysian Bar Council member lawyers, Company Secretaries, and Law graduate professional Consultants. The entity is 100% Bumiputra entity regulated by Companies Commission of Malaysia. QADKAM is also registered in England & Wales (QADKAM U.K Limited vide No. 07590177). QADKAM also owns a famous business college “Central Business Institute”, Swaziland.

Q: I want to start the process now. How to do it?

Answer: Simply click the following button and provide the detail as requested.