Malaysia Company Formation for Foreigners & Work Permit

Company Bank Account Malaysia

Once your company in Malaysia has been registered, we can assist our clients to open company’s Bank Account with one of the prestigious Malaysian banks. For further information,please visit our office by arranging an appointment with our consultant.

In order to open company bank account in Malaysia, you must first check with the bank yourself for more details & specific requirements set by the bank.

  1. Different banks will have different requirements & policies
  2. Different branches among the same bank will have different practices
  3. Different bank officers within the same bank branch will have different interpretation on the requirements
  4. Banks in Malaysia don’t inform any company secretary for any latest changes in requirements

Normally, banks require Work Permit in order to open bank account for foreigners in Malaysia.

To open company’s bank account before requesting your company secretary to prepare the board resolution, please visit the Bank personally to know more about the latest requirements.

Most commonly required documents to open company bank account:

  1. Complete & fill up the Bank Account application forms
  2. Recommendation of an introducer, (can be waived off)
  3. Company’s stamp
  4. Photocopies of Passport of all director’s and authorised signatories

Certified true copy by the Company Secretary of following documents:

  1. ….i) Resolution from Board of Directors to open account & list of authorised signatories
  2. ….ii) Form 49 – List of Directors
  3. ….iii) Form 44 – Registered Office Address
  4. ….iv) Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A)
  5. ….v) Borang 9 – Certificate of Incorporation
  6. All directors and authorised persons must not be blacklisted by Bank Negara or not bankrupt

* Some banks may require further information or documents.

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